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At Duo Sapphire Entertainment agency, we hire out animals. From a mobile farmyard and pony rides to educational shows for the kids.

Our small mobile farmyard is especially for kids up to 7 years old and the larger mobile farmyard for kids up to 13 years. Both can include miniature horses (with pony rides), goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and rabbits. We allow the kids to touch and feed our animal (under supervision). All that we require is easy access for the animals to walk. (Includes travel within 40km from our farmyard.)

For Pre Schools we have our ever popular Mobile Educational Farmyard. Under supervision, we allow the kids to talk, touch and feed the animals. And don’t forget the Pony rides.

Our Creepy Crawly show is an interactive and educational show. The show consists of a variety of snakes including the local venomous species like Puff adders, Cape cobras, Boom-slang. A strong conservation message is portrayed. Other interesting reptiles that are bright, exceptional ugly and even famous lighten up the show. These reptiles include Bull frogs, Iguanas, Sun Gazer Lizards and many more depending on availability. The show is 40 minutes and is ended with nominated children and/or adults from the audience to hold a python.

Animal Hire

                               We also offer miniature horse rides with small ponies for Kids.                                    Rides up to 7 years or bigger ponies for kids up to 13 years. This                                Is ideal for birthday parties and school functions.

                            The Birds of Africa show is truly sensational in the line with                            edutainment. The importance of raptors, their usefulness and threats                            in nature, are discussed. Showing the birds and talking about them we                             find has a far greater reach than nature movies or just lectures. The                             birds we use can include owls, parrots, kestrel, a toucan, Harris hawk,                    Kites as well as some very famous birds like ‘Mr. Penelican’, the actual    pelican from the movie ‘Racing Stripes’ and ‘Alison’, the Cape vulture from ‘Lord of War’. (Most of these are used depending on the area we are to perform in.) The show is 40 min and questions are encouraged after the show.

The Mobile Edu-Zoo with Chris is a 60 minute show for Edu Zookids from 5 years and up. The show can include white face owls, meerkats, bush babies, hedgehogs, lemurs, reptile crocs, bullfrogs and pythons. We bring the animals and

do a presentation with the animals. If a birthday booking

is done during school hours, at a school, school rates are


                              We can also offer you Camel Rides.

                           The Camel comes with a handler

                       and can be dress up in an Arabian theme.

                        Photos of our animals for hire can be

                    found here.

                 For more information about our animals, please CONTACT US.